Lessons are given in small groups or on an individual basis (subject to availability).  Lessons are given in a friendly manner, so that all students feel comfortable, both with the other student as well as with the teacher. 

Although most of the lessons are given in groups, the particular needs of the individual student are catered for.  Students have the time to air their difficulties, both on the current lesson, as well as on previous lessons.

Students may also be helped with difficulties they may have about topics they may be covering at school at the moment. 

Tuition covers both the theoretical side as well as the practical of the subject/s taught.



Notes are given for every topic covered.  The notes cover all aspects of the topic and are given at the start of each new topic.

The notes will contain the content material to be covered during the lesson.  There will also be the theoretical part (especially in Accounting).  Moreover, the notes will have examples which will be worked out during the lesson. 

The notes are not intended for self-learning, so the examples will only present the data of the problem.  The examples will be worked out during the lesson.  However, in certain cases a fully-worked out example would be given when this saves a lot of lesson time of copying and writing. 



Exercises are given at the end of each lesson.  In Accounting the exercises consist of theoretical and practical questions, similar to those in the examinations.  In Business Studies, Economics and Marketing the exercises will be essay-type, short answers, multiple choice and case studies.

The exercises cover the subject area covered during the lesson.  They also give practice to the students to prepare them for the examinations they are going to sit for.



Corrections are carried out by the tutor himself.  This saves time from the lesson as well as letting the teacher have a better idea as to the progress and difficulties of the student.

Corrections will include not only the correct answer but also the workings how to arrive to the correct answers.  The student’s work will be commented on, indicating why, in the opinion of the teacher, the student did not answer well.



Business Studies students have to present a coursework/project at the end of Form 3, Form 4 and for their SEC examination.

Students who have the subject at school will be helped in their coursework/project within the parameters laid down by their school teachers.  Students are doing the subject as private candidates only, will be helped thoroughly through their coursework/projects, giving them hints and advice as to the topic which suits them best, how to tackle the research, interviews, literature review and presentation.



In many cases, questions from past papers would have been tackled during the course as part of the exercises given to the students.  However, towards the end of the course, when all the course content would have been covered, whole past papers will be worked.  Students are urged to work from past papers on their own, and any additional work done by the students will be corrected like any other work given by the teacher.



Besides the exercises, questions from past papers, and whole past papers tackled, the students will also be given hints as to how to tackle questions during the examinations.  During the course, the students are taught how to read between the lines and which techniques to use in order to save time during the examination.  This applies in particular to Accounting where all examinations are considered to be long compared to the time available.

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